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The translation agency Lingva Tev, Ltd. has been operating in Latvia since 1994. During this time...

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You may place/receive your order in person at the office of Lingva Tev or by sending the document to ...

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Written translations

Translation of documents with any content. We can deliver the completed translations either on paper or electronically.

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Notarisation of document copies

Bring your original document to our office. We shall copy and duly prepare it, and submit for notarisation.

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Notarisation of translations

We translate your document to the respective target language and deliver it to a notary, who will, in their turn, bind, sign and seal the document together with the translation.

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Office certification of translations

We offer certification of the translation of your document, performed by a sworn translator of ours, on behalf of Lingva Tev translation agency.

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We shall type your handwritten text on a computer and deliver either the printout or the electronic document.

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Additional services

Attachment of Apostille to documents required for use outside Latvia. Ordering of certificates/statements from Latvian public authorities. Scanning, text recognition, and many more...

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Пользуемся услугами компании "Lingva Tev" уже более 10-и лет. Ни разу не подводили, всегда быстро и главное качественно.

Мария Лиепиня(Менеджер)

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